Spanking, Humiliation and other things agreed upon.

I am a professional Domme that offers professional Spanking Services, I am genuinely into the scene and not just playing at it, this means I delight in Topping & being my Domme self. You can visit me in person to attest to this.

I fully understand the feeling that implements and role play has upon a person. Thus I enjoy most aspects of the scene including role-play or not, it is up to you. I will be your Haughty Headmistress, 1950's Mom, Snobby Head Girl, Annoyed Company Boss, Strict Aunty/Auntie, School Matron,

I DO NOT offer sexual gratification/relief or intimate contact of any sort. DO NOT offend by asking or trying your luck! For those of you that do not understand this, it means anything explicit from both parties.

Discretion and safety are assured, I am an honest and genuine enthusiast, having been into the spanking scene for many, many years loving all roles, upon your first visit we can sit and chat about such things ;) To book an appointment click on the "Contact" button above